The OPIS™ Advantage


The Optimal Performance Index System™ (OPIS) combines quantified, objective data of athletic shoes with an individual’s particular needs to provide a personalized and accurate shoe fitting.

OPIS arose from the idea of quantifying specific shoe parameters, thus avoiding the need to rely solely on the subjective opinions of a small number of “shoe experts.”  Through the years, the semantics in the athletic shoe industry have included terms like “Motion Control,” “Stability,” “Structured Cushion,” and “Lightweight Trainer,” with no industry standards for each of these categories.  OPIS™ simplifies and improves the technical shoe-fitting process by eliminating the confusion these terms cause, and instead provides quantifiable data on each shoe.  This data, along with the personal needs and characteristics of the individual (including physical stature, activities, and orthopedic history), are used in the patented OPIS™ process to accurately and thoroughly address your athletic shoe needs.

While a primary benefit of OPIS is being able to discern the differences in support systems between various shoe models, an additional benefit is being able to determine how much a worn shoe has broken down.  Our customers can return to the store at their convenience; a quick test can determine how much support a shoe still has, or if it needs to be replaced before the next big run or long walk!

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