Sports Medicine Products


LaFoot Plus is pleased to offer a wide assortment of sports medicine products to serve your rehabilitative needs and athletic pursuits.  While offering a variety of orthopedic bracing for various body parts and injuries, we also sell an assortment of wellness products designed to enhance strengthening and flexibility, and many others to aid in the rehabilitation of injuries.

Our inventory features wrist, elbow, knee and ankle braces, some of which are designed to provide support while engaging in athletic activities, including rehabilitative exercise.  Many supports are designed for specific conditions such as achilles tendinitis, shin splints, plantar fascitis, or other types of foot pain; some of these issues can be addressed through our assortment of shoe inserts designed for supporting and cushioning your feet.

At LaFoot Plus, our thorough, personalized approach goes beyond simple training advice.  With our sports medicine emphasis, and a staff that includes Registered Physical Therapists, we provide advice to help with your injuries, as well as your training and fitness goals.  While some of our products are designed for sport specific training, others are designed for general wellness or fitness, and include resistive tubing and bands, foam rollers, Pilates and Yoga supplies, aquatic exercise supplies, balance equipment, heart rate monitors, and many others.

LaFoot Plus is the place for your sports medicine needs.